Get Purposeful with your Possessions

We all love money but sometimes the things we need to do in order to make more AND keep more of it don\’t come so easily.

Buying stuff we don\’t really need happens to us all at some point or another.

Now and again this is quite harmless, but if we are buying to fill an emotional need that isn\’t being satified in our lives, then it can become a problem.

Not only does this mean that we fill our homes with useless stuff, it also means that we spent our hard earned money on a \”non asset\” (i.e. something that we can\’t sell for as much as we paid for it and it doesn\’t generate any income while we have it!) and on top of all that – it didn\’t do anything to satisfy the emotional need long term.

So; what\’s the solution?

Firstly – be honest about why you\’re buying it (or bought it), and find a healthier way to deal with the underlying issue. 

Easier said than done I know but there are so many organisations out there that can help with compulsive behaviours so don\’t be afraid to put your money to better use and invest in yourself for a change.

If you\’re a visual person – do a vision board – start to get comfortable with your vision of a future with less stuff and more actual cash money in your bank accounts.


How much could you save on your existing debt by switching to 0%??

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